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Wwoofers   Page

We have accomodation for 1-3 Wwoofers in our recently renovated caravan located on the banks of the Oxley River. We prefer longer stays of 2-3 months
so as to minimise the disturbance to our young family.

Below are some comments from previous Wwoofers:

"We had a really great experience here!  Learnt a whole lot here, not only farming!"      Lindsay Vertommen (The Netherlands)

"Great Family! definitely enjoyed my stay here and I definitely learned a lot.  Thanks for everything!"      Berit Rieper (Germany)

"Thank you so much for everything: the integration in your nice and lovely family, the good food, the hot water bottle, the trips to town and rainforest and beaches,
the movies and the great hours chatting with you!  And thanks for your patience with my langauage problems! It was a wonderful experience to live with
you on your farm! Thanks!"      Anne Muller (Germany)